I’m Shoaib Ahmed – a software developer who loves programming, poetry & philosophy.

I architected and wrote the software for Oman’s first and largest indigenous IoT cloud platform and its embedded gateway devices. I also co-authored Packt’s (UK based publisher) video series - ‘IoT for Software Architects’.

I’m a free software proponent and author of many popular open-source projects.

I’m also a decent urdu Sufi poet and self-proclaimed philosopher. I have composed in excess of a dozen ghazals and have written a couple of short discourses on metaphysical & epistemological philosophy based on the writings of Al-Ghazel, Rene Descartes & Immanuel Kant. Sufi-Al-Hussaini is my nom-de-plume (pen name).

Areas of work

I’m mostly into design & development of software solutions for IoT - ranging from system software for fail-safe high availability cloud servers, to firmware & middleware development for embedded systems, to web and mobile application development.

I’ve worked extensively with lightweight messaging protocols and frameworks for IoT like MQTT and KAA Project, POSIX network and system programming, SDK development (in C & C++) and bindings in multiple languages (like Python and Swift), and third party SDK integrations.

I’ve also done a fair bit of firmware & middleware development for embedded systems (ARM, AVR, etc.), mobile application development (for iOS) and web development (using Laravel & Django frameworks).

I’ve made some notable contributions to several open-source projects and I’m actively involved in open source communities such as mosquitto and sunxi.


E-mail: [email protected]