October 15, 2016


Intention and its existence

To what is known as science today, all of existence can be classified into two entities->

  1. Cause.
  2. Effect.

In Newton’s words, these two are summarised as->

  1. Action.
  2. Reaction.

Everything revolves around these two, and every event is either an action or reaction.

Einstein was once asked -> “What existed before everything?” He was smart enough to say that “time” itself didn’t exist before everything came into existence.

I do not plan to explain the details of ‘space and time’ here, so I’m skipping that part and deferring it to some later point of time inshaALLAH. So, according to Einstein, time was the reason existence came into existence. Going by the simple science of action and reaction, a student of science shouldn’t stop at this answer. Instead he must question the (reason for) start of time, considering the start of time as a reaction instead of an action. Sadly, Einstein wasn’t asked the question-> “Why did time start?” OR “Who started time?”

Big-bang theory

Coming to the very famous theory of creation, the big bang theory. It derives evidence from the ever-expanding universe and remains popular in our time.

Here, it is said that a point existed, eternally.A ‘point’ may not be as literal as it sounds, and we believe it is used to propagate the sense that nothing else existed-> neither time nor space. That’s what eternity stands for.1

A protection surrounded it called super-symmetry. Again ‘surrounded’ not very much in the literal sense as there was no space, so no dimension.

Then there was an explosion.2

And everything came into being. And, the expansion was of such immense magnitude that the universe remains ever-expanding.

So, my earlier two questions in this context would translate as->

  • What caused the explosion?
  • Why was there an explosion?

Quite simply, science today has no answer to this. But a sincere student of science would agree that this is of equal importance as its effect.

This is what is called the intention. The intention precedes an action which itself precedes a reaction. Hence, all of existence is a gameplay of intention.


1 Few lines from SHAYKH MANSUR AL HALLAJ (RA)’S work TAWASIN is worth mentioning at this point-> “He was and still is remembered before ‘before’ and after ‘after ’, and before substances and qualities.”

2 KUN, FAYA KUN. {QURAN 2:117, 36:82}


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